This Seti and Johnson conflict is disappointing. Both men are very questionable and have said questionable shit, but I do at the very least give them credit because they are public with their beliefs, ideas and stances and that shit is very dangerous. Yet, this conflict is clownish as fuck. Both men claim to be leaders too. smh. You think black folk still need leaders or should every individual black person figure it out for theyself? I’ve heard good arguments for both.

If you are disappointed in Seti or Umar then you haven’t been paying close enough attentions to them; their demagoguray has never been hidden.  They been behaving this way since they emerged on the scene.

Also, I don’t think they deserve points for being public, the System as corrupt as it is knows such individuals don’t pose a real threat to the Status Quo or the Elites who run it.  They tend to only commit resources to bringing down real threats to the Status Quo, not characters, or Revolutionary Cosplayers. 

It’s actually kinda sad that these dudes have been attacking other vulnerable segments of the community, the poor, single mothers (and women in general), and Black LGBTQs; but people only get up in arms when they aim their toxicity internally, or at other Black Puritans. 

They both are leaders, generals and princes, yes; but if not them many of these cats would just find some other Demagogue to rally behind. 

I think the ultimate and most functional leader of Blacks should be our mission, our agendas and protocols.  That’s what should guide us, inform and direct our actions; the Mission is the Leader.

Under the missions we can have various positions, up to the “leaders, chairmen, administrator,” but those in all positions within a movement or community should be subordinate to the Mission or the larger agenda and interest of the community.  

In too many Black organizations the Leader is the be all, end all; but those are not truly organizations, those are Cult-of-Personality.  

You should figure shit out for yourself, but if you are figuring shit out correctly you will see how absolutely necessary it is to unite with others who’ve figured shit out, to organize, pool resources, and build with them towards empowerment and liberation.