I’m a black guy and I want to be a billionaire. Is there anything wrong with that?

Yes, there’s a whole buncha shit wrong with that.

1. There’s no one who’s done 1billion dollars worth of work, so in order to accumulate 1billion dollars you have to steal the majority of your money from other people, like all other billionaires have done.  Billionaires are parasites, all of them.

2. Capitalism generates profit from the hyper exploration of both Human Resources and Natural Resources, so you will have to engage in ecocide and wage enslavement of thousands of other humans in order to reach your goal.

3. You will have to embrace and promote the Omnicidal systems of Capitalism, as well as promote its degenerate value of individualism, materialism, and imperialism in order to be a member of the Billionaire Boys Club.  It take more than accumulation of money to be a billionaire, it’s a club, a mentality, and a cult.  

4. The only thing harder than appropriating a billion dollars is sustaining a billion dollars.  You will have to develop a mental illness and obsessive compulsive disorder in order to continue to maintain your billionaire status.  You will have to become a Hoarder of cash, and cash Hoarders are no different than those who horde trash, cats, news papers, etc.  They are all people who suffer a sever mental dysfunction.  You will have to pursuer and maintain a compulsion to accumulate and hold to money long after you’ve stolen way more than you will ever need.  You have to be willing to lose your damn mind and sacrifice the minds of your offspring and others around you.

5.  I could go into other shit about billionaires, but just study the Billionaires in history, they were all madmen and madwomen. 

So good luck with all that shit.