From Hashtag to Reality…

Black Lives Don’t Matter in this current political, economic, and social system.

Not just in the US; Black Lives Don’t Matter on a Global Scale, from
Angola, to the Congo, to Haiti, to Indonesia.  Black Lives Don’t Matter
under Global White Domination and Industrial/Investment Capitalism.

Legal and Moral Appeals to those in Power will not bring Value to Black Lives.

Political Reforms and passage of more Civil Rights Legislation will not bring Value to Black Lives.

The election of more Blacks to political office, or recruitment of more
Blacks to the police force or any other bureaucracy will not bring
Value to Black Lives.

The accumulation of more Fiat currency among Blacks will not bring Value to Black Lives.

 There’s only a very limited way to bring Value to Black Lives.

1. In the Short-term: There must be Global planned, structured,
coordinated, consistent, and unrelenting responses any violation of
Black Lives.  That means a Black child killed in the Congo carries as
much weight as a child Black child killed in Chicago.  We have to embody
and live the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬
globally, we can’t isolate ourselves to the US or were doomed.  We have
to demonstrate that #BlackLivesMatter extends to all Black Lives not
matter where they hold citizenship.  If not, if we fail to globalize our
Resistance like our enemies have globalized their Oppression, We Will

2. In the Long-term: We have to struggle to dismantle the
Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Capitalism as the exact
same time we build a Pan-African Infrastructure to feed, house, clothe,
defend, employ, and educate our people.  this Pan-African
Infrastructure will exist parallel to the current economies and economic
systems; and eventually overcome the current Omnicidal Systems, just
like they did with our ancestors governing, economic, and political
systems; it’s not that hard, we just have to commit to more than
protest, demonstrations, and (integrationist) activism.

get me wrong, what we are currently doing as far as response to the
clustered atrocities by this System is justified and valid, but it’s
also inadequate; we have to Revolutionize all (Black) Analysis and