On Teaching History…

It is not enough to simply teach Black youth about their History, that is painfully inadequate.

The youth must be:

1. Taught their History.
2. Integrated into Pan-African institutions and given the support to build on the greatness and successes of their History.
3. Given the guidance and resources to answer the unanswered injustices uncovered by history.

Telling students that they come from greatness as they dwell in oppression only builds resentment and alienation; show them that they are greater than their oppression and use history to show them that they’ve overcome greater odds and that their ancestors have both; shown them how to, and demand that they meet the challenges that confront them today.

History is not simply academic, it is a weapon. Oppressed people must Revolutionize all aspect of their lives, even their education. These individuals who are simply teaching the youth historical information without working to Revolutionize themselves and their progeny are doing the youth a grand disservice.

Pacifying Black youth, and sheltering them from the full African reality dose not protect their lives or their egos, it only sets them up for greater exploitation, self-hatred, self-destruction, and a premature death.

Tell the youth the truth.