What could all those black wall streets have done differentiinly, in your opinion, to keep black businesses in those cities to stay afloat?

They should have collectivized there success and wealth to the larger Black community, remember Black Wall St was wealthy, but the Black masses still lived in poverty. 

Just look at the Asian, White, and Zionist Elite, they make a way for the rest of their people so that when there is conflict the working classes and even the poor are as invested in propping up the system as the Elites are.

Even today, when the Rich (not wealthy, but Rich) Blacks flaunt their wealth before the community, in videos and award shows, they don’t seem to be sensitive of the suffering of the Black Lumpen and the Black working classes.  When other Elites come for them, they will not get the support of the street element. 

If I had millions I’d set up labor intensive industries in the Hood, I’d never do charity, only investment; and I’d give the workers ownership of companies they work for (cooperativeism), I’d engage the gangs, I’d connect them with  accountants, Black vets, lawyers, educators, PR specialist, I’d turn them from petty criminals to an official, armed, and well trained Urban Militias; with a political mission instead of the drive for individual riches. 

I’d reach out to the single mothers, I’d never shame them, I’d give them support, and work with them to facilitate them working with each other, give them the support to pool their resources, to support them in giving their children the best nutrition, environment, and education possible.  I’d make sure very single mother in the hood is also trained in combat and arms; as well as in cultivating land. 

I’d have all of the community members in the hood mobilized to maximize all of the untapped resources in the Black communities.  there would be food production in every vacant lot, every single home would be rehabbed by the youth in the community, every single store front would be opened up and providing services and products to the local community, I’d then work to drive out all parasitic business and organization from the hood.

I’d push every single Black millionaire to do the same, and if not I’d have our youth, our community, our media target and shame them; to do everything in our collective power to move them in our direct or deny them any support from the Black community.

At the same time we’d be working to internationalize our struggle, to link and reproduce our success to every Black community/nation on this globe.  From Atlanta to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.

I’d also live in the Black community, and live just as I do now, a humble but enriched life, enriched by community and organization. 

That’s the only way to protect and expand our wealth, that’s the only way to even have secure and real wealth, that’s what we should have done in Tulsa, that’s what I’m working to now, but I ain’t got millions, so I’m doing it from the bottom us, communally, through the Black Star Action Network.

Building riches while under oppression only makes you more dependent on the oppressor, we need Nation Building, we need to be engaged in State-Craft and Global Pan-Africanism.

I’ve left some steps out, but you should get the picture. 

You are on the right track, asking those questions of history to guide us in our actions today.

What would have protect and preserved Black Wall Street is the same things that will protect us today.

If White folks went into Chinatowns in the US and did the same shit they did in Tula or Rosewood, and hundreds of other cities and communities all over this nation; China would take action, Chinese all over the world would mobilize; that’s Power, document, or Fiat Currency ain’t power, United and Mobilized People are the only real source of Protection, Wealth, and Power in this world.  African hasn’t the power or prestige to defend and support Africans all over the world, we need to see to it that it does, we should give our lives to that mission.

The ultimate lesson of Tulsa is: Pan-Africanism or Perish.

Note: I’m not advocating that African or Black communities in the US follow the Western or Asian deveopment and defenst models, we have a deeper and richer culture to draw from, we need to develop within the parameters of our African Asili (Cultural Seed).

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