STRAIGTEN HAIR : It is bad enough pouring toxins on beautiful African hair to escape the curl, but it is child abuse to then force it on a young child. What business does a 5 year old have with Revlon in their hair? Psychological and health damage. This image of beauty from the other, is not progressive. You cant be free if you look to what you are not for your benchmark. The chains of slavery are in all areas of our people activity; religion, law, beauty, economics, language, everything.

If beauty is what Europe says it is then our dark skin will always be ugly. If nice hair is what Europe said it is, then our hair will always be hard and unmanageable. So much so that we poison our babies hair just to cope. For 120,000 years we found ways to manage, yet today someone is saying that they struggle with their hair. The struggle is because we are trying to fit a “black” square into a space made for a White triangle.

Child abuse to me!!!