Some say that black folks should be seeking sovereignty. What are your thoughts on sovereignty and the whole idea of being a nation within a nation.

Sovereignty?  Nation within a nation?

Listen, the Native Americans have Sovereignty, they have Nations within this nation, and are still under genocidal oppression; so what makes us think securing that title and some designated lands will do for us in the US?

We need Liberation, not this quasi-religious notion of sovereignty promoted by the Moors and other Black cults.  Liberation means we create Systems and Institutions for our own governance and security while removing the oppressive authority of White Domination from our lives. 

Liberation requires us to dismantle oppressive Institutions and Systems, not just get out from under them and level them standing.  Liberation spreads to all life, to all ecosystems, not just a defined, exclusive population, that’s what sovereignty is, the freedom of a selected and predefined population. 

Fuck sovereignty in a planetary system of omnicide and oppression.  The pollution and toxic waste of capitalism will not respect your sovereignty.  The nuclear fall out from their weapons and power plants will not stop at the national borders of your nation within a nation.  Besides, this is our planet, all of it, why trade if for a nation within the nation when you should be organizing to reclaim the whole damn thing?

I am a Revolutionary Pan-Africanist, I don’t really strive from any kinda “political status,” like sovereignty, I know that none of that shit matters on a planet where the air, water, and soil are contaminated and losing the ability to sustain human or any kinda other life. 

If this is about semantics, and people are using sovereignty, freedom, and liberation interchangeably, then fine, but if it’s that shit the Moors and other people into that Sovereign Citizen BS are talking, I ain’t with it. 

I don’t want a nation within a nation either, it would be stupid to settle for that within a nation that has not history of respecting the national integrity of other nations.  Any nation within a nation we erected in this nation would quickly become a Reservation or Concentration camp for its inhabitants.