DEvangelize the Community & the Struggle!

All these cults got Black people so damn twisted about our history and heritage. SMH.

I am starting to think that having a warped or mythologized version of your history and origin is worse than simply being ignorant of our origins and history.

All these Islamic Cults, Kemetic Cults, the Black Hebrews (who teach us that the atrocities we endure were God’s will), or the Multicultural Rastas, or York-ites, etc, etc, et-muthafuckin-certera; they are the worse because you are dealing with people who imagine that the are educated, but they can’t distinguish between fantasy from reality.

Playing dress-up, and inventing an imaginative history and bloodlines for you people would be irrelevant if we were not facing several existential threats as a people; these threats require us to first know who the fuck we are, where the fuck we come from; in order to determine where the hell we need to go!

It’s exhausting trying to get just a few of these cultist to agree on the most fundamental facts about history, politics, or even science. SMH.

Then we have people who think they are being so enlightened when they preach unity with lunacy; the argue that tolerating all these different absurd cults, ideologies, and dogmas is vital to our overall unification and progress; when most of these ideologies teach division, degradation of Africa and Africans, the oppression of Black women, the exclusion (or violence against) of any African who don’t believe and act as they do, they teach separation from reason itself!

People who call for Unity with Lunacy are basically telling us that healthy cells can unite with Cancer cells; it will not work.

People who try to unite with all of this absurdity value quantity over quality within the Black community. They want as many Black people together as possible, even if we are unified around bullshit, or for unacheivale ends.

I prefer to have a few people grounded in reason, and logic or work with, than have thousands of people looking for a damn mothership, or the fulfillment of prophecy to address and solve Black issues.

We are too damn tolerant of intolerable shit. SMH.

People who’ve ever worked with me know that I’m willing to build with any of my people, but if your beliefs or delusions are an obstruction to the work, then what’s the point?

Those of us who see though the BS need to be as vocal as those out here trying to spread their beliefs and dogmas; we need a DEvangelical push in our communities, an unapologetic stance against, not just the major Slave Religions, but all of the crazy cults and factions spit up outta these major religions, we also have to call out these Afrocentric cults and factions too; because they employ African Spirituality for the same manipulative and oppressive ends as our oppressor’s religions.

Listen, I understand this is hard, but who said liberation was easy?

When people loose real world power and agency they fall to religion and otherworldly thinking and solutions; it’s not unique to Africans.

Before Hitler Jews in the West were the most secular Jews in the world. When Hitler came to power, Jews in Western and Central Europe experienced a resurgence in Orthodoxy and Rabbinical Judaism; once they come to power again, their leadership once again become secular, they stopped looking to Jewish Rabbis and looked to their scientist, statesmen, phlosophers, artist, and soldiers for leadership, governance, and defense. Religion was once again relegated back to the Synagogue, only to be brought out when called upon, it no longer led the people, the people led the Religion.

The same goes for the Chinese, Mao knew he had to break the hold of both Western Religions and Eastern Mysticism in order to free and build China, same goes for Japan and the worship of the Emperor. This list goes on.

If we are to be liberated, it will be a rational, systematic process rooted in logic and well thought out strategies, and it will demand that we depart from, or greatly reduce the power and influence of Religion and Religions leaders. There are not religious nations or communities that are progressing in this era.

Or you can wait for that damn flaming chariot to come down and stop the genocide; but I ain’t waiting with you, and I’m calling out your delusions.

I know this a long post, but just one more thing: Dr Amos Wilson also implored us to stop taking about Africans being a “spiritual people.” He argued that we are no more spiritual or less scientific than any other people; and that we need to fully develop all qualities and aspects of ourselves, not just the “spiritual” side. We’ll know we are advancing when we start hearing out people say “we are a rational people,” or “we are an organized people,” or “we are a studied people,” as much or more than we hear that “we spiritual” talk.