Easter: Tortured Saviors & Chocolate Bunnies:

If God was real, I mean really real, and he really stood by that whole “no Gods before me,” (Exodus 20:3) stuff every single one of you Easter celebrating Christians would be zapped as you strutted to Church in your fancy (sweatshop manufactured) Easter outfits.

Even if you the most ignorant Christan in the world you gotta know something is up with the whole rabbits, eggs, and sweet candies being tied to a tortured, mutilated, and murdered man emerging from a cave after 3 days. You gotta, unless you are just brain dead, you just gotta ask; “what’s the connection?!?”

I ain’t gon break it down too much, because if you ain’t done the research on your own, then I know you can’t be one that’s too into reading….but if you made it this far, congrats.

Here the hyper-concentrated Biblical/Religions/History lesson:

-Christianity was founded over 400+ years after the alleged crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.
-The Romans adopted the Religion after they saw how effective it was at attracting and controlling its subjects.
-As the Roman Empire collapsed the remnants of the established church consolidated and formed the precursor to the Roman Catholic Church.
-As the Christian religion spread further into Europe, they found that the savages in what we now call Europe were too far from African to get the remnants of civilization like the Greeks and Romans did.
-The “Civilized” Whites from the South tried to use Christianity to impose some basic standards on these savage peoples.
-They found great resistance, so the savvy early Christians found that if they incorporated rituals, symbols, and even pagan gods into the Christian faith, they would have a better chance of converting the savages, and not being killed and having their skulls raped.
-That’s how Easter came to be, it is a pagan fertility ritual incorporated into Christianity.
-This was easy for the Christians to do because Christianity is nothing but a bastardization of African folklore, mythology, and rituals; so further bastardization with paganism was not really an issue.
-Easter is really a festival to honor the goddess Eostre, a fertility goddess, so if you doing Easter, you are paying homage to Eostre; and if your God kept it real, he’d zap the shit outta you.

Good for yall this is all just human invention. All of it, not only this shit you don’t agree with, all of it.

Happy Easter.

(PS some speculate that Ēostre is just a bastardization of Ishtar; so these things can get complicated if you dig too deep; so just keep it surface, and just accept what preecha tell ya!)

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