So in your opinion Nelson Mandela was a traitor to the Black Revolution in South Africa ! Explain me how please ?

Oh come on, I already ran down his treasonous policies and stances on past blog post.  Just review my archives cuz I don’t wanna take time to dig them up.  Or you can just open your eyes and look at South Africa today and understand that Mandela saved White wealth, that he brought Neo-Con economic policies to SA, that he did not implement land redistribution, he did not jail the Whites who committed countless atrocities against Africans, and he worked to advance neocolonialism across the African continent. 

You can love what you find positive about that traitor, but you don’t advance your own understanding by buying into the myths of Nelly.  He’s a  sell-out, he betrayed African people and destroyed the legacy he built prior to going to prison.