The Orlando gay nightclub shooter is a gay man hisself. Self hating gay muslim who went on a shooting spree against his own.

The Jury is still out on what went down in Orlando.  I never accept the official line or corporate media reporting on any event or issue.  

It’s truly a tragedy, and people need time to process and mourn, but eventually there will have to be in-depth investigations from varying independent sources before I accept  anything about the shooter(s), his/their motives, and the forces that allowed/drove him/them to act.  

Follow journalist like Glen Greenwald, Russ Barker, Seymore Hersh, Greg Palast, John Pilger, etc.  These are journalist with mainstream credentials but a history of going against governments and corporations to get the truth out to the masses.  (Google Em.) Oh, and visit the Project Censored and Black Agenda Report news sites on the regular.  

Don’t listen to the nut jobs like Alex Jones, or the lying as sycophants like Anderson Cooper; find sources of information and investigation that are both credible and independent.  Also, you can’t even rely on Amy Goodman and Democracy Now when it comes to many SCADs because there are places even she will not go journalistically. DN is a respectable sources for progressive news, but can’t be depended on to too far beyond the corporate media when it comes to  exposing False Flags and SCADS; hell DN is still reporting the mainstream take on the 9/11 attacks.  

Like the famous investigative reporter, I. F. Stone once said; “governments lie,” and now we can add; “corporate media lies,” to that.

Also, like the great MC, Wise Intelligent once stated, “I’m not accepting anything on face value!” 

The corporate media and (local/national) government officials been caught lying about shit like this too often, there have been too many attacks provoked, guided, supported by the State, way too many false flags, way to many staged events (like the hunting and killing of Bin-Laden), too many black budget and operatives operating within the US and abroad for me to believe anything without documented and supported proof.  

Look up SCADs. (State Crimes Against Democracy)

I wanna be respectful of those who lost loved ones, but I ain’t buying shit about this story aside from that fact that people lost their lives, those in power will use this atrocity to advance their own pernicious agendas, and the bigger issue is that larger Systems and Institutions of oppression that cause so much death and misery all over the globe (which drive individuals [if this was truly carried out by an indivdual] to such heinous acts.