Why don’t most our Africans brothers & sisters see the importance of Pan-Africanism? Also, Why Are most black people are so gun-ho for interracial relationships & integration?

1.  Most of our African Brothers and Sisters fail to see the importance of Pan-Africanism because we who embrace and practice Pan-Africanism have failed to institutionalize the ideology in Africa and the African Diaspora.  Too many Pan-Africanist are engaged in ACTivism, and Cultralism (i.e. engaged in the aesthetics of a culture without developing the military, economic, and governing aspects of the culture); so the African masses ignore or mock us.

2.  I have not seen that MOST Black people being so gun-ho for interracial relationships.  In fact, most Black people who are married and engaged in long term relationships are bonded with another Black person.  Whites tend to date outside their race more than Blacks, especially White males. 

I think the Blacks who reject bonding with other Blacks are more prominent in the media, they tend to be more integrated into the mainstream White culture and thus have more exposure; these Ball-Chasers and Black Celebs skew the reality on the ground. 

We Blacks who unite and work together to build functional families are not gonna get as must airplay.  That’s why we can’t use the Corporate Media as a yardstick to measure anything about Black people, especially our interpersonal relationships. 

Sex is primal, so people will screw pretty indiscriminately if given the opportunity; so that’s also not a good measure of anything, just look at all the Racist who have/had intercourse, or raped African men and women but still held to their Racism.

Marriage is political, that’s where you need to begin to look to see how relationships impact the standing and interest of a Races, and we are still bonding and marrying each other for the most part. (I’m not just talking about legal marriage either, but two individuals who bond their lives regardless of a document or not.)

Child birthing and rearing is essential, so that’s where you unite and inject the real energy, study, support; that’s were Sex really becomes most relevant beyond the two (or more) individuals who are having the sex; and we are still reproducing ourselves around the world.

It ain’t all good in Black Relationships but there is a solid foundation to build on if we don’t buy into all the negative propaganda pushed in the media.

3. As for as Black people being gun-ho for integration, that’s because our oppressors boosted the integrations over the Revolutionary elements in our communities and struggles.  There were many options that had wide ranging support in the Black Liberation struggle, from Garvey’s Repatriation Movement, to Black Separatist, to Militant Black Nationalism, and Pan-Africanism.

Our Enemies knew they could not destroy all of our Movements, so they picked the Ideology and  Movement that best fitted with their long-term interest and that would allow them to still hold the majority of the Power and Resources, and that was Black Integration, Assimilationist, and Reformist.  So the CIA, FBI, COINTELPRO, and the other elements of the White Power Structure set about demonizing all other Black Movements, and boosting the Integrationist.  They killed, incarcerated, and exiled our Revolutionary Leadership and gave/give riches and status to our Negro Integrationist Leaders. 

So the Black community didn’t naturally support integration, it was all we were left with by our enemies.  If we Black Radicals do our job correctly we will once again make these better options prominent among our people. 

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