What are your thoughts on Julius Malema?

I don’t fully trust anyone coming out of the ANC, they betrayed the Revolution, and sold out all of Africa. 

There’s a long history of what I call Militant Integrationist; who use the rhetoric of Black Nationalism, and Black Empowerment, but their ultimate agenda is no different than the Liberal Integrationist who simply seek to join the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and all of the spoils and comforts that they associate with the Systems.

He initially comes across as a Militant Integrationist; but I can’t call it just yet.  Our information in the West is always tainted, and it’s not easy to get firsthand, unfiltered information.  I watch South Africa closely, and there hasn’t been a leader who’s emerged of the quality of a Biko, but I’m not ready to write off or dismiss Malema. 

He asserts that he’s rooted in a Materialist analysis, that he’s a Pan-Africanist, and he’s articulated the emptiness of the Post-Apartheid reforms.  Plus he’s relatively young; so he’s still evolving as a leader.  If he remains on his current trajectory, and he continues to shed his ties to the corrupt ANC and the rest treasonous, sell-out mainstream African leadership, he can make real contributions to the ongoing African Liberation and Unification Struggle.

Also, I like what I see in his EFF so far.

I’m also happy that he stood against the attacks against African Migrants by South Africans; and he called out Zuma for this and his overall corruption. 

I’m optimistic about him, but also cautious.  His sincerity and competency will be reveled in time.