Thoughts on the 2 officer killed in NY?

It was not a political, organized, tactical, or Revolutionary act; if it occurred in a moment that was not so inflamed by the recent cluster of publicized police atrocities (and “publicized” is important because there are daily police, and other State agent atrocities committed everyday); if it had not occurred in this current climate it would have been spun as the actions of a deranged man considering his shooting of his ex-girlfriend prior to shooting the cops. 

These types actions occur quite regularly in this society, shooting sprees, we live in a social system that induces people to behave in such a way.    Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal building and killed hundred as an act of vengeance against cop killings, if you believe the mainstream media.  This is nothing new.

Also, more police aggression against our community or the protesters will be attributed to this act, but they have nothing to do with the police shootings.  Elevated police aggression has been a constant for decades, and they don’t need an excuse or provocation coming from our community.