When you look at Israel and white Jewish people, how do you explain that situation? Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that they’re doing the same thing to people what they themselves suffered. Is this just white pathology after all? And it sucks that only their genocide matters and not the genocide of Africans at the hand of white people still occurring today.

First, we have to detach Zionism from the German Holocaust.  Zionism was around long before the Nazis came to power in Germany and Fascism gripped Western Europe.  The Zionist have successfully captured the German Holocaust and exploit it to the max, we need to stop allowing this, and realize that Zionism is not a by-product of the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

Also, we need to stop pretending that Zionism is somehow a prophetic manifestation.  The father of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl was an atheist.  So, Zionism is not a religious movement, Judaism is not a Race or an Ethnicity (it’s a Religion), and the State if Israel was not prophesied or ordained by any Gods or Prophets.  All that is propaganda and bullshit.  All of it. 

The first steps to understanding Israel, Palestine, and Zionism rest in dispelling all the myths and bullshit surrounding the issue.

When you get beyond the bullshit, the issue becomes crystal clear.

Israel is a European Colonial Settler State, just like all other European Colonial Settler States (ECSS).  Like the United States, like Canada, like most of Latin America, like Australia, like South Africa.  It is a nation that was set up by White invaders who displaced the native populations, and set up their own government on the stolen land.  That’s all.

All ECSSs have to purge large segments of the native population to instill fear, clear the wanted lands, and to disrupt the society and systems of the natives so that they cannot prevent their lands from being “settled” by Whites.

All ECSSs must also coral or concentrate the natives in designated areas in controllable numbers, it matter not if they call these areas “reservations,” ghettos, or “Strips.”  All ECSSs set up these zones or areas for those natives who’ve survived the first waves of slaughter and genocide. 

All ECSSs also have some bullshit rhetoric about their actions serving a higher power or purpose, it don’t matter if they call it “Manifest Destiny,” or claim that God willed the lands to them, or they simply assert that their superior blood gives them the right to take land and kill natives; they all construct elaborate lies and myths to justify their killing and land theft.

There are many other practices of processes that ECSSs follow, but I think you get the picture.

The State of Israel is nothing new, Europeans have been doing this shit since the early Victorian Era, and even before then if you loop in their Greek and Roman Ancestors.  It’s just that the Whites who have claimed the title of Jews are late to the game, just like the Germans were late to the colonization game in the early 1900s behind the rest of Western Europe.  When you are late to the game you gotta play catch up, and your atrocities are better remembered than those who got in the came early.

I think the drive to establish ECSS is supported by some deeply seeded cultural pathology coming out of Europe and parts of Asia, and the rest of humanity needs to oppose this.

On a side note:

A few Black say “fuck Palistine,” because of the history of Arab and Islamic Racism and invasion in North Africa, just as a few Blacks said “fuck Native Americans,” because all civilized tribes in the US owned and traded in enslaved Africans; but I think this is a mistake, we have to oppose ECSS because it does not discriminate, just look as Ireland if you think that Western Genocidal Tendencies are reserved for people of color.  We have to oppose ECSS because it’s like a cancer, it is not self limiting or regulating and must spread and kill or die itself.

We should have solidarity with all who are opposing genocide and colonization.

One more note:

All Jews are not Zionist, and all Zionist are not Jews.  Some of the of the most prominent anti-Zionist are Jews, and some of the most aggressive pro-Zionist are Christians, and yes even Muslims.  Obama is a Christian and extremely pro-Zionist.  Norman Finkelstein is a Jew and anti-Zionist.

Judaism is a Religion, Zionism is a Colonial Settler Movement carried out by Jews, Christians, and Atheist.