If Isaiah Washington had told women to “adapt” to Rape culture but trading in their mini skirts and tight jeans for long dresses and
head covers there would be massive public outrage and multiple boycotts
of any and all things he’s associated with.

If he told Jews to “adapt” to Antisemitism by trading in their religion for Catholicism or Protestantism the dude would have never been seen or heard from again.

If he told Gay men to “adapt” to Homophobia by trading in their
effeminate behaviors for more manly behaviors….well, we can look at
his career and see what happened the last time he offended the LGBTQAI

I see Black people trying to justify, rationalize, and
even support IW’s statements; SMH.  I hate I have to put offenses
against the Black community in the context of Jewish, Gays, or (White)
women; but that’s then only way to get New Negros to understand shit
most of the time because they hold the Black race in just low regard.  

If you can “kinda see where IW is coming from,” then you are kinda a
New Negro ya damn self; fuck him and the mentality he represents.  

(Now, I’m not down for Negros, when they get a little money and status,
running off to the Whitest neighborhoods that will allow them in, and
buying expensive luxury cars to ride around those White neighborhoods,
then crying then the pig that are tasked with keeping undesirables outta
those neighborhoods ID them as being undesirables.  

I’ve got
not tears for Chris Rock or none of the rest of them; but injustice is
in justice and Racism is Racism, and we need to call it out and deal
with it, this ain’t about CR it’s about our general standing in these
lands, and around the world.  We can’t let people just treat us any
kinda way and not respond, and “adapting” ain’t an acceptable response
to injustice!)  

These Rich Black folks need to do like they did before Racial integration
and build affluent communities right smack dab in the middle of the
Black communities.  Shit was better (for them) when OUR entertainers,
and other wealthy Blacks had to live among the rest of us, spend and
invest among the rest of us, and knew their fate was tied to the rest of
us; but that’s an whole nutha discussion.

‪#‎FuckIsaihWashington‬ and give him first class ticket on the ‪#‎CoonTrain‬.