Do FEMA – Camps really exist ? And if so is it exclusively made for black people ?

Yes & No.

Let’s deal with the “No” first.

The Racist, White Nationalist, fear-mongering, anti-NWO crowd is full of shit and I recommend not accepting anything that comes from them at face value.

What these individuals like Alex Jones do is take a grain of truth then inject it with a shit load of lies and distortions; so ultimately they serve the interest of the powerful by confusing the issues, and getting people who intelligently distrust the government and the elite focused on nonsense instead of on issues and actions that could truly unseat the elites and disrupt their Systems and Institutions.

I’m so tired of seeing people who are concerned about justice and the plight of the oppressed getting caught up with these White Nationalist, anti-NWO clowns. 

So, there are no FEMA camps exclusively for Black People, or for all Americans, there is no plan to take guns away from all Americans, there is no plan to have UN troops invade the US from Mexico and establish a One World Government in the US, there is no plan to stage a terrorist attack so that Obama can impose Martial Law and declare himself President for Life. 

But there is an ongoing policy of Mass Incarceration of Blacks that started with the Nixon Administration.  So how the hell we tripping off FEMA camps when we are decades into a mass internment and incarceration of our people as a result of the War on Drugs? 

There is also a policy of disarming the Black community that dates back to the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, and the Reconstruction era of the late 1860s.  So we look stupid talking about an “emerging” plan to take our guns.  This nation has been working to keep guns out of the hands of Black people since we got kidnapped and brought to this muthafucka.

Africans have been under a New (White) World Order since the 17th century, and all Black communities are occupied by a hostile military force called the Local Police Department.  So what the hell we look like tripping off of UN troops that might be coming when we got hostile troops who are already here?

How we crying about a One World Government when we live in a One World under White Domination right now, and have been fighting Global White Domination since the first European/Arab colony was established in Africa?

Obama don’t need to say in office for life because the larger agenda of the US government never changes no matter who’s in office, Obama took the baton from Bush 2 who got it from Clinton 1, who got it from Bush 1, and so on.  Presidents are allowed their pet issues and minor policy changes but ain’t none of them touching the Empire, or the Elite’s agendas.  We don’t need to worry about a dictator when the fundamental policy of the democratic state is anti-Black and oppressive towards us.

See what I’m getting at?  That NWO shit White Nationalist be talking about is all but irrelevant to us, it ain’t about us and is either against us or irrelevant to us.  All that Illuminati shit is bullshit too.  We have our struggle and it puts us in direct opposition to these anti-NWO Whites dudes more often than not because they want to simply change how Whites rule the world, then don’t seek to truly end Global White Domination.

We need to approach this shit from a rational and Pan-Africanist perspective.

Now, let’s deal with the “Yes.”

You have to know something about Government Procurement, Contracts, and Budgeting and shit like that; the Government is the engine of the US economy, and the Corporations are parasitic welfare kings.  That means the Government takes resources from us by force and gives it to Wealthy individuals and corporations in the form of contract awards, budgeting allotments, procurements, etc, often for unwanted and unneeded service and products.  The Government buys a shit load of shit it has no use for then stockpiles that shit or ships it off to the 3rd World (and thus up the economies and development of 3rd World nations). 

What’s really a trip is all that fact that economies in the world are Socialist (meaning government, or publicly driven) it’s just that so-called Capitalist economizes only distribute the “profit” of collective economic production to a few elites, and Socialist economies redistribute the wealth to those who actually produced and deserve it. But that a whole nutha discussion.

Just know that the Government has to buy a buncha shit form the Capitalist to keep Capitalism afloat, and it still has to give a shit load of money to those same companies and do all kinds of other shit to keep the Capitalist and their Corporations profitable; like invade the Middle-East.

So, when you see the government buy a billions bullets, a million coffins, or build 5 uneeded nuclear submarines, don’t run out and join your Local White Militia, or run to Alex Jones for your marching orders, just understand that that is how Capitalism works, it’s parasitic; so you need to join a Revolutionary Pan-Africanist formation if you Black, or a Revolutionary Communist organization if you White.

You find this same kinda over production, over spending, and waste throughout the US government and the US economy; the government pays like $500 for a hammer, the Pentagon will pay $10,000 for a shower stall on a military base, the government will give a million dollar grant so some elite university to study the effects of war air on ice cubes; there’s all kinds of stupid spending going on in the Government.  The Corporate media tells us this goes on because government officials are stupid, but that’s not true, it’s massive theft and corruption; it’s all about taking wealth from the masses and funneling it up to the 1% who fund the politicians. 

Don’t trip off of FEMA camps, when they building for-profit-prisons all over the damn place.  Don’t look under a rock for a hidden conspiracy, when the fucking oppression is written out in the public policy of your local, state, and federal government; that’s just stupid.

We need Revolution, but we also need Rational and Radical Analysis, not fear-mongering, or tainted truths, or misdirection from bloated White Nationalist like Alex Jones; stop listening to these muthafuckas….or at least know where they are coming from when you do.