Do you believe the terms: pro-black, woke, & conscious are losing their meaning and luster. Because of the way we are casually using those terms to describe people or situations?


Short Answer:
No. Because we who embody and live out these ideas and concepts don’t really give a fuck about what those who don’t embrace and live them think. We ain’t just Woke, Pro-Black, and Conscious cuz it’s popular or cool; it’s about Life and Liberation. #UnapollogeticallyWokeProBlackAndConscious. 


Long Answer: 
Those Black people outside their own people’s Liberation Struggle have always mocked, shamed, distanced themselves, and attempt to delegitimize the struggle. 

It ain’t got shit to do with how casually such words are used because look at how casually and loosely Americans/Whites throw around terms like “freedom, democracy, and justice.”  Just because this oppressive, oligarchal,unjust nation tries to pimp those words and ideas don’t mean that the words or the ideas have lost their meaning or value.  I will always support freedom, justice, and collective rule even if fakers fake the funk and use those words.

Who do you hear talking about freedom or justice losing its luster and meaning because how they are tossed about by hypocrites; especially the New Negros who talk that shit about Pro-Blackness, or Black Consciousness.

Negros out here dissing Pro-Blackness and Consciousness ain’t doing it because the words are casually used, or because fakers use them; they do it because they are some Self-Hating Cowards. 

There were Black slaves during Chattel Slavery who mocked those enslaved Africans who resisted.  There were Uncle Toms during the Jim Crow era who belittled those Blacks who resisted that dehumanizing System.  There were Handkerchief Head Negros during the Civil Rights Era who thought that King’s Camp and Malcolm’s Camp were all just a buncha of troublemakers and fakers.  
So it’s no surprise that we got New Negros calling those who mount resistance efforts today “Hoteps,” while questioning the meaning and luster of being woke, pro-Black, and conscious.  

It’s also no surprise that those same New Negros who don’t resist, who don’t support struggle, who mock bing woke, pro-Black, and conscious will be the first muthafuckas to line up for benefits when the freedom fighters win any reforms or concessions from our oppressors, just like they always have. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for criticism and accountability of those who profess to be pro-Black and all of dat, but never will Black Conciseness and Pro-Blackness be meaningless or devalued.