I wish Hannibal had been successful in crushing the Roman Empire. How different would history had been if Rome would not have conquered Carthage?

I so wish the Carthaginians had ultimately defeated the Romans during the Punic Wars.

I think history would not have been too different if our ancestors won the war, however. A Carthage victory would have delayed the West, forced the West to redirect it’s aggression, to reroute its expansions, to develop now tactics and strategies of conquest, but nothing short of the total extermination of Rome, all Romans, and all who embodied Western Culture and Mentalities would have change history.   

I think this because our ancestors and other non-White nations beat Greeks, Romans, Germans, Italians, Franks, Arabs, British, Americans, etc, over and over, and over again; but they keep coming, war is the norm for them.  We mistakenly assumed that we were dealing with a normal enemy, like enemies we’ve face for thousands of years before there was any such thing as a White or Eurasian man, or a Westerner, or a European; but we were wrong, this was a new man, a new mindset, and whole new mentality, and the world was not prepared for what descended on the tropical South, from the Arctic North.  

The world had not faced Temporal Aggression before, and it’s not the same thing as regular human aggression.  

So, if the Punic Wars had been won, it would have not lead to an end of the war for Global White Domination, just as defeats the West faced in the America, and in Asia didn’t stop them.  They are willing to send millions of their sons to die in distant lands for illegitimate and unjust causes; back then and now.  

We still don’t understand this, we still rest on military or political victories against our oppressors, but we leave them with the capacity to regroup and come again. I think every Black person should read The Iceman’s Inheritance.  It provides the most accessible explanation of Western Aggression.

So, I think humanity was destined to go though these global, Technological “Dark Ages” of Global White Domination, and we have to quickly dismantle this global system using the lessons of history or the very life sustaining capacity of this planet will be utterly destroyed by Western economics and warfare.  

We are basically still waging the Punic Wars, Wars against the West and the East, between the Global North and the Global South.  It’s a war the will determine not only the fate of humanity, but the fate of all complex lifeforms and ecological systems on earth.