Did you see the story about Otis Byrd being lynched in Mississippi? As usual the media is trying to rule it a suicide. The crazy thing to me is the shock of black and even white folks. Like did they truly believe that black people had stopped being lynched in one form or another? The prison industrial complex is a mass lynching effort. When you can’t get a job because of being a convict, you might as well be dead.

Yes, I saw the story.  When I read the story it reminded me of another Brother by the name of ‘Byrd,’ James Byrd Jr. who was also lynched using more traditional methods of mutilation, desecration, and display of the corpse. 

You are correct that Blacks are lynched in this society on a daily basis, but the system has evolved to use less obvious means to “thrill kill” us or employ violence to keep us in our place.  The lynch us in such a way that makes the victims look like the criminals and aggressors. 

We should also note that the White Aggressors in the US military also travel the world committing lynchings, mutilations, thrill kills, rapes, etc; and we don’t get those accounts in the media just like we don’t get accounts of most of the modern lynchings here in the US. 

Lynchings that occur in the form that Trayvon Martin, and Otis and James Byrd were lynched evokes our emotions because they used traditional methods, and those doing the killing are not as sophisticated as those who conduct the modern lynchings. 

When Clarance Thomas was being exposed for his sexually deviant behaviors and harassment of Anita Hill he claimed that he was being subjected to a “high tech lynching;” even though he was full of shit as usual, he did insert the concept to “high tech lynching” into the American lexicon; we may need to bring it to the for again to help our people understand that our oppressors and enemies don’t usually use ropes, chains, and whips when they lynch us in these times. 

Western Culture have long practiced Thrill Killing, Festive Killing, the Mutilation and Sexual Degradation of those they Festively Kill.  It appears to be central to the culture and the cultural identity of Western Culture.  Since Europeans first organized themselves into complex societies this has occurred.  It’s beyond Human Sacrifice, or painful rituals found in some rites of passage ceremonies found in Native and Aboriginal cultures outside of Europe; it’s more like murder and mutilation as a form of entertainment and self affirmation.

From Greeks killing Slaves during Sex Orgies, or the countless torture devices invited by their Holy Churches to torture and punish heretics, to the  lynchings in Post-Reconstruction America, to the atrocities exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan….every where they go, in every period in history, they engage in this behavior; when they don’t have Black, Brown, and Yellow people to Thrill Kill they pick an ethnic group or vulnerable population of Whites to impose Festive violence against. 

Beyond mourning and protesting lynching and thrill kills committed against us by Whites, I think the Black community needs to look deeper into Western Violence and Aggression.  There have been a few scholars White and non-White who’ve delved deeper into this issue, but they don’t get mainstream exposure for works.

Our primary responsibility, as it concerns Western Aggression is defense, and defense comes in the form of distance, training in armed defense, establishing defensive protocols, strengthening our communal and intracultural ties, etc.  We are a besieged population, we are attacked by the System and #NewNegro Agents of the system (from Black cops to Black Gangstas) there are many non-Whites who have joined the System in facilitating Aggression against us.

Again, this forum is not the best medium for getting to the bottom of this issue, but I appreciate you raising it.  Hopefully our community will begin to work towards establishing protocols and formations for collective self-defense.  I’m definitely working on that in my area, but I’m not getting consistent support.