I Voted For Bernie.

I went to the polls, I voted for Bernie Sanders, took less than 5mins, and now it’s back to the same organizing, planning, building, educating, and learning that I was always doing.

See how that works.

All the melanin didn’t drain from my body, I didn’t lose the decades of education and understanding I developed of my lifetime; I didn’t all of a sudden forget my obligation to Black Liberation and become dependent on the Government, the Democratic Party, or Sanders for my betterment or salvation.

See how that works?

I voted strictly based Sanders’ political history, his policy platform, and my own interest as it relates to the US political and economic arena. If Sanders fails, if he is elected and retreats from his platform (like Obama did), or if he exceeds my expectation, I will continue my grassroots efforts. I will not be discourage or derailed, I will push forward with my agenda, regardless; and if I see another opportunity to engage the US political system for the best interest of my community I will do so again.

See how that works?

Ain’t nothing radical about voting, ain’t nothing radical about not voting; the question is is it rational to vote or withhold your vote. People voting or not voting based on reactionary emotionalism are in the same basket. I acknowledge all of the failings of Sanders, that he’s not a progressive, or even a Socialist, but I’m not voting for my leader, I’m vorting for policies.

See, it’s simple really.

All these anti-vote folks need to re-read Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr Claud Anderson, etc. They need to observe other racial and ethnic minorities in the US that have power, resources, and status. Study those who have power and how they behave and engage politically, and get back to me.