Is white supremacy a mental illness or not?

White Supremacy is a delusion, a pathological delusion, so we can say that it is a mental illness for those who believe in it because it is not real.

What we don’t seem to understand is that WS is a delusion that is not only held by people who identify as White exclusively, but many victims of White Aggression and White Domination hold to the delusion that White Culture, the Eurocentric World View, White Social Theories, Mythologies, and Pratices are superior to all others; even as the White Way of Being in the world and Seeing the world is giving us not only massive human poverty, perpetual war; but is destroying the very life sustaining capacity of the planet.

White Supremacy is a Myth, it is not real, we’ve been brutalized in to imagining that it’s real, but it’s not; and it is routinely proven to be a false notion.

What is real is White Domination founded and sustained on White Hyper Aggression, but aggression and domination are ugly words, so we use White Supremacy in their place, we really need to correct this.  There is nothing Supreme about enslaving, colonizing, robbing, and oppressing others, nothing.

Accurate identification, naming, and diagnosis are needed to address any problem or issue, and we need to begin to use White Domination in the place of White Supremacy.  We need to use White Aggressor in the place of White Supremacist.

Another problem is; when a delusion or illness is common place, or the masses suffer from that illness, the illness can become the norm and those who don’t suffer from that illness can be pathologized and criminalized.  In a world where the mentally ill rule the sane are demonized and called sick or crazy.  This drives many who are not crazy to pretend to be crazy, to capitulate to the madness, to go along to get along.  We have entire Races and Nations who’ve abandoned their own culture, their own value systems and adopted the insane, ecocidal systems and values of the West, of the White Aggressors (aka: White Supremacist). 

It will be hard to root out the Systems and Institutions of White Domination because so many non-Whites also suffer from the delusion of White Supremacy, but that’s the main goal; not “healing” those who are afflicted with the pathological delusion of White Supremacy, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” we have to remove them from power, prevent them from acting on and enforcing their delusion, that’s the mission.

White Supremacy is a terminal disease, so people will either abandon it or perish with it, our job is to make sure this terminal disease dosen’t take the world’s ecosystems and all lifeforms down with it.