When you always mentioned that our struggle is multigenerational do you mean that as long as the white race exist there will be no peace cause peace to them (white race) means preparing for war ?

Not exactly; a Multigenerational Struggle (MgS) is one that takes several generations to fully complete.  That means that we shouldn’t expect to see the full actualization of our goals within our lifetime, we have to pick up from the previous generations, and pass on to the coming generation. 

So many Black people incorrect think that freedom means full integration with White people (which is absurd because most White people are not free), it means having the opportunity to earn as much fiat currency as possible in the Capitalist economy (while ignoring the fact that this economic system is destroying the life sustaining capacity of our planet).  We’ve lost the ability to properly define what freedom is, or understand what it even looks like because we don’t understand the Multigenerational nature of our struggle. 

A Multigenerational Struggle (MgS) requires more than simply creating a movement, or Reacting to particular instances of Racism or White Aggression.  A MgS requires that we construct institutions, build infrastructure, that he create protocols and polices that will allow us to keep continuity of struggle over many generations, that we are able articulate our Revolutionary objectives across long spans of time.  A MgS, when conducted properly, will free us from having to rebuild the Movement from the ground up every few generations. 

We’ve yet to grasp that our struggle is Multigenerational, we take minor victories or concessions from our Oppressors, and we pretend that we’ve won, that we’ve reached the Promised Land, and that the need for ongoing struggle and resistance is over; that’s a terminal mistake that we keep making. 

If we understood the true nature of this struggle we’d know that Emancipation, Civil Rights Reforms, Affirmative Action, a Black POTUS, and other token reforms and symbols are not victories, but mere stepping stones to true victory, if that. 

We have to make Black Liberation and Revolutionary Pan-Africanism the cornerstone of Black Culture across the globe for generations to come. That’s what I mean by Multigenerational Struggle.