Gangster, Pimps, and Politicians…

Black people have no problem believing that Black men in street gangs are willing to kill to protect their economic interests, that these thugs will lie, steal, and even engage in conspiracies to advance their gang and its power. They will accept, without any evidence, that all gang members are guilty of criminality, directly or indirectly. They know that you cannot affiliate yourself with a gang without compromising your morality, principles.

These same people know and accept that Pimps will manipulate, abuse, lie, use, and eventually throw away the women who enrich them, who allow the pimp to have power over them. They know that a pimp cannot succeed in the game if he’s not willing to engage in criminal and immoral behavior.

So why the hell is if so hard for these same people to accept that for Black men to ascend to the top of a criminal, racist, Omnicidal, racist empire; they have to not only be a great lairs, but they gotta be willing to embrace some actions that the rest of us would deem deplorable? That they will have to be willing to kill or allow killing.

Why do these ‘pro-personal responsibility’ folks still give Obama a pass, why do they refuse to hold him personally responsible for the atrocities of his administration and the US government on his watch?

Why do they allow Obama to point to the White Republicans and blame them for his shortcoming, but refuse to allow a street level thug to pint to ‘The White Man,’ and blame him for their own shortcomings that drove them to crime? Why the double standard?

If you are all about personal responsibility, and anti-crime; you should hold to these principles, it shouldn’t matter if the criminal is wearing sagging pants, purple gators, or tailored suits.