Are the white elites blood related to each other ?

No, it would be cool though; but that’s just not the case.

People who get locked into that “Elders of Zion, Free Mason, Illuminati, Reptilian Bloodline” worldview are entertaining, but it’s just not based on anything that’s ever been fully substantiated.  Sorry. (Also, many of the people who push that worldview are hardcore far-right Racist.)

The White Elites are not blood related, or even fully united.

I wish we were fighting some Comicbook Villains too, some Hydra or C.O.B.R.A. type organizations so we could play some Black Avengers or Militant G.I. Bros or some shit; LOL; but the real world just isn’t that neatly packaged.

The White Elites are diverse, they all White, but there’s a lot of diversity within the White Elites; there are different agendas, and many strong conflicts among them. 

The Elites do have organizations, like the Bilderberg Group, the Skull & Bones Fraternity, the Trilateral Commission, the Society of Jesus, the Project for a New American Century Group, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Heritage Foundation, the UN Security Council, Political Zionist, the Federal Reserve (and all Central Banks); hundreds of Multinational Corporations, private military and mercenaries armies, etc, etc, etc.

When you look into most of these groups you will not find men in cloaks engaged in demonic rituals, you’ll find bureaucrats in suits engaged in the mundane work of managing a Global Empire.

Hannah Arendt, after interviewing top Nazis, introduced the concept of the “banality of evil,” which asserts that most of the evil in the world is not committed by super villain, Illuminati killers; but by average individuals who are just following orders or doing their jobs.  That’s why our problem is institutional; we have to dismantle Systems and Institutions, not simply focus on evil individuals or Secret Societies; the evil of White Domination and Capitalism is embedded within everyday shit, seemingly innocuous policies and practices that many “good people” support and engage in.

I think we have to keep shit in proper perspective because if we allow our imaginations to run wild about these Parasitic Elites we just might get caught up in ineffective actions based on nonsensical analysis rooted in fantastic imaginings about the nature of power in this world.

I’m sorry that I went beyond your question; but I try to get this (unpopular) message our whenever possible.  I find it hard to get people involved in the Real Work of Liberation because they want their Comicbook Revolution, they want a spectacle, but a lot of Revolutionary work is unseen, it’s technical, quite, and intellectual work; but they want to don fancy costumes and run out and fight super-villains, they want to imagine that there’s an evil Family or Bloodline ruling the world, and they they can stop it doing some action movie shit; large marches, rallies, protest, or even armed militant action; but that ain’t the case. 

“Revolution is a process, not an event.” – Del Jones