What books do you recommend to a young black man?

Authors: (Get all text by these writers.)

1. Del Jones (the War Correspondent)
2. George Jackson (the Soledad Brother)
3. Amos N. Wilson
4. Franz Fanon
5. Kwame Ture
6. Chinwezu
7. John Henrik Clarke

1. The Destruction of Black Civilization
2. Visions for Black Men
3. Gurrellia Warfare by Che
4. The Mucusless Diet Healing System (Gotta eat right to think right.)

I think young Black males need to really understand the coming climate changes and how that will affect the African Struggle, these are some writers and text on that issue:

1. Text: End Game (Vol. 1 & 2.) by Derrick Jensen
2. Writer: Dimitri Orlav
3. Writer: James Howard Kuntsler
4. Writer: Christian Parenti

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to flood you, these texts and writers are ones that I most higly recommend, but there is more.