Education ain’t Liberation….sorry, it ain’t.

The next time some New Negro tells you that “Education is Liberation,” tell them to look up European literacy rates during the Age of Discovery. When Europeans began their global conquest Europe had a literacy rate of around 6%, by they time the European colonial empires were established Europe’s overall literacy rate was barley above 50%! The high literacy rates and overall affluence didn’t come to Europe until the wealth of African and other colonized lands started pouring into Europe.

So, these New Negros are either lying, stupid, cowards, or all three when they tell us that education will free us, or secure justice for us.

If education was a source of liberation, freedom, or even power we would have never been colonized or enslaved in the first damn place, because we were better educated than those who invaded us! Many Africans who came here in chains from African were better educated than the brutes who shackled them and sold them into bondage.

We’ve invested so much time, energy, and blood in forcing our way into institutions of higher indoctrination…I mean, …of higher learning; we forgot to figure out what the true purpose and function of education is, and how can it serve us.

Education only helps a person, or a people to do what they are intent on doing, better. So if your intent is to integrate, to work for, to assimilate with your enemy/oppressor; then “gittin you sum gud schoolin” will aid you in that venture.

That’s why the more education we get, the more dependent on, and loyal we become to the Systems of Global White Domination and Omnicide.

Hell past generations of illiterate Slaves, Sharecroppers, and poorly educated menial laborers have done more to disrupt the systems of oppression and gain levels of freedom and mobility for Africans than all these goddamn highly educated and wealthy New Negros have ever dreamed of. In fact, these accomplished and lettered New Negros are losing the gains that the illiterate and lowly educated Black folks made for us between the Reconstruction Era and the Black Power Movements.

Since we know that education is not inherently liberating; then what is?

Simple, the only thing that can free a people is the fundamental drive to be free: an unifying Ideology of Empowerment and Freedom.

If we inculcate our community with the desire for Liberation, and the confidence that we can win Liberation, then we will secure Liberation; don’t matter if we got PhDs or we can barley spell our names, nothing can deny a driven African people unified around a common idea, or goal. History has shown us that over and over. We just have to gain and keep the Revolutionary Momentum.

Now these indoctrinated New Negros, with their weak ass reading comprehension skills and total lack of critical thinking ability are gonna jump on here and say I’m anti-Education, but I don’t give a fuck, I’m really done talking to and even tolerating New Negros.

I will debate and struggle with the methods and approach of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, but I’m done debating it’s merits or necessity.

#IdeologyIsAll : Ideological orientation is more important than academic education, because without the prior, the later will only go to sever your Enemies.