Obama & Hillary Supporters Need to STFU about Trump.

Something not adding up:

We protest Trump for promising to build a wall, and deport all illegal immigrants, we don’t protest Obama for deporting more immigrants than any other president in history, we don’t protest Obama and Hillary even though their foreign policy of supporting coups in Latin America, and extractive Trade Deals that drive 3rd world poverty and illegal immigration.

We protest Trump for calling for the torture of “terrorist,” but we don’t protest Hillary and Obama who actually oversaw the torture of not only “terrorist,” but innocence civilians, and the summary assassination of US citizens, and children of US citizens without a trial.

We protest Trump for calling on his supports to “punch” protester in the face, but we don’t protest Clinton for calling on armed government agent to wage war on and in Black communities under the cover of the War on Drugs. Obama and Hillary are also the most aggressive in prosecuting whistle-blowers who attempt to expose the crimes of government, and properly inform the people. We do we allow Obama to “punch” freedom fighter in the face, and and do we even need to get into his systematic destruction of the Occupy movement, or his designation of Assata as a terrorist?

We protest Trump for being a member of the 1%, but we don’t protest Obama and Clinton for not only failing to prosecute the 1% for collapsing the global economy by engaging in massive corrupt and illegal financial practices, Clinton and Obama gave the 1% trillion dollar bailouts. Also, all of that Banks that were too big to fail grew even bigger under Obama!

We protest Trumps Racism, but we ignore Obama’s ignoring the growth of Racist Organizations under his administration; and Obama’s failure to commit any resources to the problem. He didn’t establish a commission, a special prosecutor, a task force, anything. He literally left the Black community to stand unsupported against the Racist backlash created by his election.

So, please, explain to me how we are protesting Racist Rhetoric, but we are ignoring, or even supporting actual policies and practices that oppress us today?

Why are we so outraged by the potential oppression and crimes of Trump, and not the actual oppression and crimes of the Obama Administration?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that there is energy and outrage in the streets, but we have to…., I guess we don’t have to do anything actually. What more can I say about it really; I’m just Hatin on Obama and Hillary as usual.

I guess the Republicans need to learn from the Democrats; adopt progressive rhetoric and govern like a damn Fascist, instead of having Racist Fascist rhetoric and Fascist governance. LOL!