Honestly do you believe the majority of white people are as racist just like their descendants ?

That is perhaps the most irrelevant question anyone could ask or bother trying to answer.

Why don’t White folks ever ask questions like; “honestly, do you believe that White people hold a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources?”

Or; “honestly, do you believe that it’s wise to allow Whites to sustain nuclear arsenals capable of killing all complex life forms on this planet; can we be trusted with these weapons (especially since we are the only Race of people in human history to ever use such a weapon against other people)?”

Or; “honestly, do you believe that the majority of White people would willing to sacrifice their opulence and stolen wealth to save the world’s ecosystems, and end the suffering of the majority of the planets inhabitants?”

Or; “honestly, do you believe that White people are even capable of stopping or reversing their drive to destroy the very life sustaining capacity of the earth?”

Or; “honestly, do you think that White people can ever fully acknowledge the humanity of non-Whites, because doing so would call our own humanity into question because of our genocidal and psychopathic treatment of all other humans; ya think?”

Why don’t White people ever ask those kinds of questions?  Questions that have relevant answers.  Why are you White people so interested in trying to get non-Whites to guess what’s in the personal, individual feelings and thoughts of the Global White Minority?  Like we even give a flying fuck what any individual White person thinks about us, their feelings about our Race?  Why the fuck should that even matter? 

Oh wait, it matters cuz yall have the bombs, all the stolen wealth and resources, and yall are hyper-aggressive and have consistently slaughtered millions to impose yall will on others who ain’t did shit to yall; that’s why it matters.

Really, I don’t care if all Whites are Racist, or they are unwashed, free-loving hippies; cuz what’s in the individual thoughts of individual Whites has never impacted the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination; and that’s the fucking problem. 

Whites has not made even a minor effort, or had a minor level of success in dismantling the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  Even when non-Racist come to power, they still do all they can to sustain and advance the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination, along with the Omnicidal Economic practices yall have imposed on the world. 

I don’t give a fuck if Whites fully embraced Blacks, if every single White Racist had a sudden change of heart, and embraced all Blacks as brothers and sisters; we’d still have to engage in Pan-African Revolutionary Struggle, because the Systems, Institutions, and Economies that yall have imposed on the world is killing the world, and even when non-Whites achieve success in yall systems it’s still killing the world and the world’s ecosystems.

So, I don’t give a fuck about individual White people’s feelings about Race (unless they are standing before me with the ability and intent to harm me, I will deal it then); and you should not give a fuck about me giving a fuck about what individual Whites think; you should find other Whites who can overcome their own indoctrination, and organize like hell, among yourselves to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination; it’s in yall best interest to do so, not to save non-Whites, but to save yourselves from yourselves.