White Media Bias.

Who are we talking to when we
point out the anti-Black/pro-White bias of the Corporate Media?  Why do
we think we are so clever when we do that?

I swear, if I see another comparison between how ‪#‎BMore‬ and ‪#‎Waco‬ were treated in the media and by the cops, I swear I’m gon vomit.

I mean, what do we expect, and who are we talking to.  White people
know before we do how they gon spin a story, or treat people under the
law.  They construct the policing policies and they own the corporate
media, so it don’t make sense to point out the basis and imbalances to
the fucking people who create and profit from the bias and imbalances.

Are we trying to demonstrate to each other how the media is bias
against us and how the government officials and agencies treat us worse
than White people?  What Black person you know who don’t already know
that?  I swear, the only Black people who don’t know that are the ‪#‎NewNegros‬
who refuse to see the truth, or those with some type of mental
impairment, hell there have been studies that show toddlers have some
awareness of the imbalances and biases against Blacks in favor of
Whites.  So who are we talking to, why are we pointing out the obvious?

You would do better to point out that the sun is bright, water is wet, and ice is cold.  

What we really need to be doing is creating our own damn media apparatus, a globally interlinked media apparatus.

That media should be shamelessly Pro-African, Anti-White, hyper
sympathetic (if not blind) to Black failings and shortcomings, while
highlighting the failings and shortcomings of Whites, and even invent
shortcomings and failings of Whites when we don’t have any current ones
to “report” in our media.

We need to start returning shots in this Propaganda War that’s being waged against us, instead pointing out the Propaganda Bombs dropping on our heads.  

Instead of complaining about Fox News, let’s start the Hyena News Network.  

Come Black people, time to mature in this struggle.