What are your thoughts on the following on the following organizations : NAACP, NBPP, and the NOI

1. The NAACP was set up by White elites to control and define the interest of the Black community, and subdue our natural drive for justice and empowerment.  This organization has conspired with the White elite to discredit Black Nationalist, Pan-Africanist, or any other Blacks who’ve wanted more than Whites elites were willing to give us.  I have no respect, and even less support for the NAACP.

2. The NBPP seems like an absurd fusion of Frat-Boy antics, and unstudied Black Nationalist bravado.  I think they lost their direction after the passing of Dr. Khalid Muhammad, and now they only seem to seek the media spotlight.  It is a shame, because I think they attract a lot of sincere Black warriors, but the leadership and methodology are as unimaginative as their name. 

3. I’ve have some formal request to refrain from public criticism of the NOI, so I’ll just answer this one with one word: Scientology.  You take it from there.