There are several instances of viable micro societies that were established by us after the civil war ended. There are also several other instances of a variety of black nationalists movements in America. Each of which were either infiltrated and/or simply destroyed by white people. Knowing all of this, how important or potentially viable do you think a black armed force movement is or could be?

All living beings and life systems have a capacity for self-defense, from the thorns of the rose to the “soldier caste” in the termite mound; African people and organizations are no different.

We should, not matter the nature of our struggle and organization should develop and sustain the will and capacity to do equal or greater harm to those who seek to harm us; economically, socially, and military.

Self-Defense is a Human Right, and a Biological Necessity.  African people seem to be the only people left on the planet where this is an issue for debate.

We have a right to employ violence when it suits justice and advances our agendas, both defensive and offensive violence.

I will add that violence and arms do require a level of disciplen, orgnaizetion, and structure in order to be more a a benifit to a movement/people than a liability.  There are AK47s all over Africa, but they do more harm than good.  There are “gats, and burners” all over the Hood in the US, and they do more to harm us than to help us.  We I think we should keep the guns, but we need also develop our ideology and discipline so that they will server our communities instead of harm us.