Ummm….this is a hard one…do we go in on the Black man who is no only donning Greek letters, but most likely a brand or two of Greek letters; the historical and ongoing enemies of Africans, a culture that has raped, pirated, and contaminated African while serving as the germ seed of Western Culture, which is still at war with All-Things-African.

Or….do we go in on the White male who’s penetrated the imitators of his ancestral appropriators (say that 3Xs real fast). “We can’t have Shit,” eve when it’s a bastardized mockery of White folks shit!

-If White folks jumped off a bridge, would we do it too?
-If White folks then saw us jumping off a bride with our own unique flavor, would they then abandon their own version of jumping off a bridge, which we imitated, but put a little Soul into, and appropriate our bridge jumping off of method?

I guess vids answered that question. It’s a definitive YES!

Now, the only reason any of this shit is relevant beyond internal Frat protocol and politics is because this is a microcosm of the overall Social/Political/Economic/Historical relations between Africans and our Oppressors.

We’ve yet to recover from or be compensated for the Western Onslaught which robbed us if our Wealth & Sense-of-Self, so we have to look beyond the surface of all things regarding Race, Culture, and Power. Yes: Everything is an Issue, Everything. Everything is Political, Everything is Racial, Everything is relevant to the Power Dynamic Between Blacks and People-of-no-Color.

Or maybe I’m just trippin, and it don’t really mean nuttin at all.