On the Tubman20 and Tokenism.

Ya know, I think that the White Elites assumed that we were too sharp as a people to fall for Racial Tokenism
any more.  After all them Negros got all them titles and positions
after the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black masses failed to see any
change in our economic and social standing, it think it was assumed that
the White Elites would have to invent new methods to sway the masses
into embracing a System that has no concern or dignified place for them; but they were wrong.

They field tested Obama during the Democratic Primary of 2008 and it
was discovered that Black people were still as in love with BFHP (Black
Faces in High Places) as we ever were.  Obama showed so well that they
decided to allow him to take up residence in the White House and
continue the PNAC.
 I mean they put to sleep 4 generations of Black people while
demobilizing every emerging Black struggle in this nation in one fucking
election cycle.  

We even had tried and true Black Revolutionaries and Afrocentrics talking “Hope and Change!”

So, now that they bout to lose Obama, they decide to put Harriet Tubman
on the $20 Bill to give the Black masses another injection of the
Opiate of Integration, and New Negros are almost as orgasmic about that
Token gesture as the were about Obama’s elections.

What’s next?

Maybe they will some Kente cloth stripes and stars on the Flag of the United States. Maybe they will hire Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monáe to rewrite the National Anthem.  Maybe they will replace the Bald Eagle with the Phoenix (mythology) as the National symbol.  Maybe they will replace the orange jumpsuits our Brothers and Sisters on lock down have to wear with orange dashikis.  


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