On Low Gas Prices & Obama Getting the Credit.

I’ve been seeing Obamites rave about low gas prices, and giving Obama
all praises for “lowering gas prices,” and accusing people of denying
Obama his due credit for “lowering gas prices.”  They are asserting this
is not only evidence that White Racist, and Player Hating Blacks refuse
to admit how great of an Executive Obama has been, it’s also evidence
that he’s one of the best POTUSes ever.  

Now, if you Black and
still an Obama supporter then must be Politically Retarded so I know the
real reasons for lower gas prices are way beyond your ability to
understand.  But I’ll try to break it down anyway….

First off,
the president has no direct influence over gas prices, it’s not in his
arena; if any political entity can take credit for gas prices, it would
be the Congress; they deal with budgeting, taxation, regulation of
commerce, and all that shit, not the Executive Branch.  So, if you wanna do a Holy Ghost!
Dance down the street over lower gas prices, you best be praising the
Republican House and Senate, not the Democratic president.  Yep, White
“Daddy dun gib yall dat cheap gazz.”  LOL!

Secondly, the Saudis
are flooding the market with gas because they are trying to subvert the
transition to gas alternatives like Alabama Tar Sands
excavation, transition to electric cars, investment in public
transportation; etc.  The higher gas goes the more attractive
alternatives to gas look, and more investment in alternatives you’ll
have; and the Saudis and other “oil rich nations don’t want that.”  So
they flood the market long enough for investment and enthusiasm (for
alternatives) to fall off, then it’s back to economic-anal-rape without
the lube for the rest of us.  

Thirdly, the big oil companies
have been wanting to export US produced oil for decades, but the high
prices prevented them from doing so, so they suppressed the prices, so
that the masses (which is me and the rest of yall) would stop paying
attention to shit related to oil as we praised Obama for shit he has
nothing to do with.  They slipped the lifting of the oil export ban in
under some boring taxation bill.  LOL!  This bill will lead to an
explosion in oil corporation profits, and in gas prices and home heating
prices, and prices of all Petroleum-based fuels, and all Petroleum products
(which includes everything from children’s toys to medical equipment);
oh, and everything transported by gas based vehicles will go way the
fuck up to.  LOL!

I hate to laugh, but to see fools out here
thinking that low gas is some kinda gift from Obama, and totally miss
the manipulations behind it are funny to me, but I’m a political geek I
guess.  The Corporate Pimp Game is so strong, fuck!

So, enjoy all
this “cheap gas,” and your fantasy that Obama has brought it to you.  
Ignore the fact that cheap gas has been brought to your by forces that
you hate like the Republican Party, the Saudi royal family, and Avaricious Multinational corporations.
 Also, as you ignore the fact that low gas prices is just the calm
before a devastating economic storm that’s gonna hit in 2016; probably
just before the general election to even further manipulate the Human
Resources into voting against their own social and economic interest.  

Again, I’m sorry for laughing, but this kinda shit amuses
political junkies and geeks, besides, there won’t be much more to laugh
about on this issue and many others, so we best get the laughs in while
we can.  Plus I don’t like to say I told you so after the fact, so I’m
saying it all now.

I didn’t even touch on the ecological aspects of low gas prices, cuz then I’d be crying instead of LOLing.

Peep Game: http://www.wsj.com/…/congressional-leaders-agree-to-lift-40…