You are a vegan right? If so, how do you guys build muscle and why you guys choose to be very skinny?

Stic.Man of Dead Prez just released a book titled “Eat Plants, Lift Iron,” you should check it, so you can dispel you stereotypes about Vegans.

As for me personally, I was a skinny dude even when my grandmother was feeding me fatback, hog mogs, and chittlins; so we can’t blame Veganism for me being skinny, but maybe for keeping me skinny, because I haven’t gained more than 10 pounds since I was in high school.

I’m in the gym tho, not to bulk up just to sustain my energy levels.

There is a difference between health and fitness, and I feel very healthy even though I’m far from my peak fitness at this point. 

We Vegans build muscle just like you who eat dead animal carcases, through using our muscles, if a Vegan is sedentary they will lost mass and endurance just like you wanna-be carnivores. 

Also, I see Vegans of all sizes and body types, and I know I don’t do my part to dispell the long, skinny, Vegan sterotype, because I’m 6′3′ and just about 170lbs; but it’s a stereotype.