Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Chipotle Mexican Grill Addition.

I’m just gone come right out and say it: I think Chipotle is a victim of Corporate Sabotage.  

There, I said it; I will also have to quote the Big Homie Herman Cain
and admit that, “I don’t the facts to back this up,” but we don’t
bother with facts in the Conspiracy Corner; we got something better:
deep mistrust and suspicion.

Now, Chipotle was killinem like Lil terio in the Fast food industry,
straight killinem! But that ain’t enough to get you targeted, cuz the
mega-cororations know that their profits are guaranteed because of Corporate subsidies, Tax loopholes,
and many other financial tricks and treats that would get a person like
you or me locked under a federal prison; but corporate personas and the
Investor Class get away with all the time.  So, rising to the top of
the Corporate Fast Food Shit Pile is not biggie for Chipotle’s

The real offense is their PR and product niches;
Chipotle is the first multinational food chain to not only go completely
GMO free, it also promoted organics, humane meat production (whatever
the fuck that its), and meats free of Antibiotics and other Pharmaceuticals!

They did all of this, and the public was literally and figuratively
eating it up.  I couldn’t pass by a Chipotle without seeing a long ass
lines in any city I visited.

Now, when you stop fucking with
GMO, start buying only drug free (and non-irradiated meats), sourcing
organic products, and all that other shit, you ain’t just fucking with
Fast Food money, you are fucking with the entire Systems and
Institutions of Capitalism.

I know yall been indoctrinated to
think that Capitalism is all about competitions, free markets,
independence, individualism, freedom, morality; and all that other shit;
but in reality, Capitalism don’t fuck with free markets, free
enterprise, or independence and individualism; it’s more integrated,
centrally controlled, and interdependent than any Communist nation could
ever hope to be.  

Getting rich and staying rich under this
parasitic system is not about innovation (most innovations comes from
the public sector: read Socialism, the private sector just swoops in and
eats up all the benifits after the public sector has done all of the
initial investment and taken all of the risk; just study the development
of the computer or the internet if you think I’m lying, but back to the
topic…), getting rich is about conformity, about towing the line,
about serving vested interest, it’s about dependence; parasitic
dependence, but still, it’s dependence.

So, the pharmaceutical
companies need to pump more than 80% of the medicines they make up the
anuses on into the veins of cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, etc; in
order to remain profitable.  The meat industry needs to drug their
living “commodities” to remain profitable as well because living
creatures are not products and they tend to become diseased, cannibalize
each other, go insane, and all kinds of other shit when they are
treated like products, or like resources instead of like living
creatures; kinda like humans.  So like humans, they have to be drugged
when they are oppressed, mistreated, or unjustly caged.

these unhealthy meats cause millions upon millions of acute and chronic
diseases in humans which further profits the pharmaceutical industry,
but also the multi-billion dollar private insurance industry, private
hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers (which also tend to be
weapons manufactures too: see GE).  So Chipolet’s was fucking with
defense industry money too!

Also, GMOs are needed because
Capitalism is destroying our natural ecosystems, and to keep people from
waking up to this, they need to able to produce food in toxic and dead
environments.  They need to produce food in soils that are both polluted
and depleted of nutrients.  So, when you fuck with GMOs, you ain’t just
fucking with Monsanto; you fucking with the entire System of Control.  

Also, as ecosystems are destroyed for profits (real resources destroyed for Fiat currency);
the military has to invade and secure more lands; and they have to kill
more people as they take their resources and bring them back to the US
(and the rest of the West) to sell to fat suburbanites for more profit.
That’s what all these damn trade deals are about from North American Free Trade Agreement to the Trans-Pacific Partnership;
it’s all about securing natural resources to be killed and burned so
that they can become profits; which are just digits in a computer

Then there’s the corporate media; Big Pharma,
the GMO companies, the Fast Food Industry, the military, weapons
companies; and all the rest spend billions on advertising with the
media; so they gonna help to fuck Chipotle in any way they can.

mean, I could go on and on about the Vested Interest and Systems that
Chipotle was fucking with; this is literally the tip of the melting

I’m just saying; when all of this comes to mind; I gotta
think there’s more to Chipotle’s troubles than meets the eye; and now
there’s federal indictments coming down against the company!?  They
didn’t do that to the muthafuckas who crashed the global economy, the
didn’t do that to the banks that were laundering billions in drug money;
Obama’s administration been literally letting corporations get away
with murder; so ask yourself why he going hard in the paint against

The even bigger tragedy is that it was all just a
gimmick, Chipotle don’t give a damn about nothing but profits.  All of
these Fast Food corporations and multinational corporations in general
are in it for profit only, not food, food is just the means to get
profit; they could give a fuck about the food really.

powerful interest that are sabotaging Chipotle knew that Chipotle was
full of shit, and that Chipotle was fronting like they were a green
company so that yall could feel like yall were contributing to your own
health and the health of the environment, when yall was only
contributing to profit projections.  LOL!  

They know it was a PR
gimmick; but the System is too fragile to even allow other corporations
to pretend like they are not towing the line; they know another crash
is around the corner for Capitalism, and they don’t want the masses to
even imagine that there is any solution to Capitalism other than more
and more Capitalism; and when you inject new notions into the minds of
millions of indoctrinated Human Resources, you might experience
unforeseen Blow back.
 Telling people they can have GMO-free, organic, and have antibiotic
free food is just the seed (radical) that our Masters know can grow into
a Revolutionary demand for an end to ecocide.  Ecocide = Profit.

One more point: ask yo self, how did Chipotle do when they got in
trouble?  They fired their PR firm, not food safety staff, not the CEO,
but their PR firm.  The heads of Chipotle was probably all like: “You
fucking hippie ass PR bastards dun got us all fucked up.  You told us
people love when corporations engage in Green Washing
(fronting like they give a fuck about the environment, justice, or
public health); but yall didn’t tell us about the backlash! Yall
muthafuckas is fired!” LOL!

Anyway, that’s what went down, and
how shit is going down; in my opinion.  If Chipotle survives this, I bet
yall they back off of all that “Non-GMO, anti-antibiotics, and pro
organic” shit.