From Religious Justification to Scientific Rationalization.

In the early stages of White Global Domination; Europeans asserted that they were the original people, the direct descendents of Adam and Eve; therefore they are superior and most worthy to dominate all other races. This was the religious justification of White Domination.

As the science of human genetics, and archeological methods improved; it was reveled that Whites were not the original people. That they were not the first to build civilization, or employ agriculture, that they are in fact one of the most recent manifestations of human variation. If we hold to religions justification, Africans would the Adam & Eve of humanity, we would be the most worthy, and stand as the mothers and fathers of humanity. So, they dumped the religious justification of their global domination and erected the scientific rationalization of White Global Domination.

Because science has reveled that Whites were the last to erect civilization, the last to appear on the map of the human experience; they say that they are the ultimate refinement of humanity. They assert (or imply) that they are the apex of evolution, and all that came before them are primitive and less evolved. That African are closest to the apes, and that they are the furthest removed.

The scientific rationale totally flips the religious justification of White Global Domination.

The point here is that they will use any myths, rationale, or justifications to support the system of Global White Domination. There is no evidence, arguments, or discoveries that will drive them to surrender the stolen land and resources, or to provoke them to pay reparations to those they oppress. There is nothing that will allow them to see just how harmful the global imposition of Europen culture and values has been all life on this planet.

There is no religious or academic way to reverse this, we need Revolution, Global Pan-African Revolution.