Brother Diallo, whites claim they invented most everything. I’m sure you’ve seen the list these racist whites spam showing how they invented everything from air conditioning to the bulk of mathematics. Thoughts on this?

I don’t bicker or debate with White Nationalist (unless I’m using them as a soundboard to drive home a point to a larger more relevant audience), because no matter how many facts, how many Black inventors you name, how many Black inventions or patents you show they you will not change their positions. 

That’s because they are not about truth, to these people their White skin is a Shrine, a Tomb, and a Cast; it’s all they got. 

So these clowns that talk this kinda BS are not moved by evidence or facts, in fact neurological studies have demonstrated that when you expose such people to facts that contradict their beliefs they become even  further entrenched in that (disproven) belief. So leave them to wallow in their White Myths.

When a Racist comes to you with bullshit, just tell em to: “get the fuck outta mah face you Racist piece of putrid shit!”

Our obligation is not to educate or even correct Racist, our job is to remove them from power, while reducing our vulnerability to them and their psychosis. 

‘The Psychopathic Racial Personality,’ and the ‘Republican Brain’ go into more detail about which I’m talking about.  Dr. Bobby E. Wright also argued against debating Racist for the same reasons I share here.