Are you aware of any Afrakan liberation movements or groups in Afraka? You only hear the dichotomy of puppet governments vs rebel groups. And not every rebel group is killing innocent people, but if they’re for the liberation of Afrakans and (anti west,anti US/other Imperialist country) then the west reports them as such. Im just wondering if there are movements in the motherland as well. Thank you

The nature of movement in African have evolved just as they have in the US.  Also, as you suggested, the way the media presents these movements is greatly slanted by the Western Media.

Actually, most of the decolonization movements and organizations are still active; many of them have even come to power in nations like South Africa, Zimbawe, Angola, etc.  Some have sold out, others are still struggling to actualize the dream of a free and united Africa.

The movements in African also have a great range of approaches, from ecological agendas like the “Green Belt Movement,” to armed insurgency like MEND.

Africa is so vast that it would take a large text to explain all of the movements and formations active on the content, and evaluate which are truly pro-African and which are tools for the Imperialist.  One thing we can say though, is that our Brothers and Sisters in African are still fighting, and will continue to fight, just as we are and must continue to.

I’m personally organizing within the Black Star Action Network International, which is based in West Africa, and aligned with the Congress of African People.  Those are two African organizations and formations that I can vouch for, and that I’m honored to work with.