From the Dark Ages to the Age of Austerity


The economic and political state of Europe (and its colonial settler states like the US and Canada) has always been one of poverty and infighting whenever it has been denied access to the wealth of African and the rest of the so-called Third World. Up until the ear of European Colonization of the non-White world Western Europe had poverty rates of 75% or more.

From the Dark Ages up to this time of European Austerity, it’s all based on the Western World’s (Western Europe, The United States, Australia, Canada) ability to exploit the resources of “Global South” (Africa, the Middle East, Central & South America, Asia, The Caribbean, The Pacific Islands).

Not only must the West rape the resources of the South, it must keep these nations underdeveloped, and impoverished.

If the West is going to fully recover from the 2008 Economic Collapse it must reestablish these Neo-Colonial relationships with the South.

That is why NATO, the Afri-Com, IMF, World Bank, PNAC, The Heritage Foundation, and all of the other neo-colonial institutions and alliances are reworking their approach. The colonized nations are fighting back, and the old tactics of the West must be modernized and rebranded.

We, Africans of the Diaspora have mostly chose to side with our oppressors against African and the rest of the Global South. We have sold out for some minor and short-term benefits.

The few of us who don’t want to align with the West, who seek to advance justice over Western Accumulation, there are actions we can take right now, today, to ally ourselves with those who oppose the Empire.

This is a time when we need practical and systematic organizing. We need to move beyond Movements and create now Ways of Being, brand new Social and Economic Relationships. We need to move beyond responding to and protesting Western Agendas to developing and imposing African Agendas.

This is how The Bloom Cooperative will be moving.