Refusing to Acknowledge or Resist Oppression & Genocide: Then & Now.


Do you ever find yourself wondering how millions of people could watch their society and government be dominated and hyper-exploited by an insane few, and do nothing? How masses of people could watch their government amass the resources and build the infrastructure to monitor them, control their lives, mass incarcerate them, and even kill them (systematically in the millions)? How so few people failed to rise up even after they knew they had no choice but to resist or die?

If you have ever wondered this, and need an answer, simply figure our why you are not organizing, rebelling, and struggling right now, today. Or if you are organization, rebelling, and struggling; simply talk to anyone you come into contact with who isn’t and you will have your answer.

Human submission and the explanations for it have not changed in all these centuries; the same bullshit excuses Black folks give to excuse their failure to recognize and resist the Omnicial Oppression of this government are identical to the one’s Jews used as Nazism came to power in Western Europe, or any other population who passively lived under oppression.

There were Jews who, no matter what fought to sustain their German identities and further integrate into the society, and even the Nazi party (See: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers)

There were Jews who blamed the Jewish Thugs, Poor, Degenerates, and Jewish Ghetto dwellers for their problems, and for provoking the hatred of the Good German people.

There were Jews who retreated into Jewish Mysticism, looking to spirituality, prophecy, and positive thoughts/energy to save them.

There were wealthy Jews who thought their money set them apart form the masses and would secure them comfortable positions within the emerging Power Structure.

There were Jews who refused to believe that a culturally and technologically advanced nation would every descend into such barbarism as Concentration Camps and mass killings.

There were Jews who rested on the hope and belief that there were enough non-Nazi, non-Racist, Liberal, and Progressive Germans to ally with them and protect them from the few Racist “crazies” in the society.

Yep, every time you find Genocide and a people who fail to recognize or resist you find the exact same psychological and intellectual justifications for submitting to the current and coming atrocities.

So if you wanna understand the past, just look at today, and if you wanna understand today, look at the past.

Just ask any unconscious, uncommitted, non-organized Black person, or New Negro why they are not rebelling, and you’ll know why the Jews, and others facing genocide failed to rebel.