What is your Africa lineage or what country in Africa do your lineage lead too?

My African lineage traces back to my mother’s womb; I claim no single African nation; my great aunt did a historical genealogy of my family and traced our family all the way back to a particular African nation, but I don’t put much stake in that; I’m an African, I embrace the entire continent as ours, we belong to it and it to us.

Also, Africa is us, it travels with us, where you find Africans you find Africa.  Like Malcolm X said; “kittens born in an oven ain’t biscuits;” or something to that effect.  Or like Che once said; “the Revolutionary carries his nation in the soil between his toes."  We don’t have to be born in or even travel to Africa to be Africans anymore than a damn Redneck needs to visit Europe to be a White Nationalist or Racist they are the same in Australia, the US, and around the world, they bring and impose their culture and so should we.  Who would argue that White Americans are any less White than the British or French on the European so-called continent?  The African Diaspora are as African as any of our Brothers and Sisters from the Continent, and we all have the same historical mission, or we should anyway; the Liberation and Upliftment of Africa.

I’m also take the position that all colonial defined nations and borders are illegitimate and need to be erased, all of them and that it is detrimental to the African Liberation Struggle to hold to them.