On Hating Whitey…

When someone is telling the honest and documented truth about you and you conclude that they hate you, the problem is with you, not the truth teller.

White people, yall need to stop worrying about if any non-White individual “hates all Whites,” or “lumps all Whites in the same category;” and figure out why the worst elements and outcomes always emerge from your culture and institutions.

I’m a member of the oppressed caste and I couldn’t give a fuck if a White person hates me and my people, how the hell you are a member of the privileged (global) minority and you asking one of the oppressed if they hate you or “all Whites?”

That’s just more White Privilege, and Narcissism; not only do you want to live well on the blood, resources, and land of non-Whites, you want us all to love you while you oppress us. WTF?

I swear to Gods, all of em, if I get another fucking inbox of some White liberal asking me if I hate all White people…..why the fuck would you even care? I’m not the one with the nuclear bombs aimed at ever major city in the planet.

White Hate should be the only concern for “good” White people, you deal with White hate and I promise you, non-White hate will not be an issue.