Sometimes I feel like Fanon because I talk all this revolutionist and black empowerment shit, with degrees in it to boot….but at the end of the day I’m going home to a white girl. Help!

I have observed that being married to a White person does not prevent Black people from understanding the plight of their people or organizing for social justice, but it often signals that they don’t give a damn about our plight; but you have asserted that you do understand and seek to empower your people, and I appreciate and commend that. 

A Black person being married to another Black person dosen’t mean that they are down for Black Liberation; just look at the Obamas, or the many Africa dictators and treasonous leaders who are married to African women.  I guess I should say that to be fair.

So, if your are organizing for Revolution or Black empowerment, then I again commend you and encourage you….but….there are some issues you still have to understand that impact you based on you choice of wife.

I’ve always asserted that there’s only one thing that the Black women can offer the Black man that no other woman can offer us; and that’s an ally in the Liberation of African people and a partner in reestablishing African people to our proper standing in the world. 

There have been no multi-racial empires, or even power structures, they have always been racially and culturally exclusive.  I know Black Muslims think they are part of the Islamic Empires, and Negros in the US think they are part of the US Empire but we are subjects in those empires not partners, the founders and leadership is always racially and culturally exclusive, that’s the nature of civilization and empires.  So if we truly seek to rebuild African Civilization the Black woman is our only ally, historically and currently. 

For that reason Dr. Bobby E. Wright asserted that no one who dosen’t have a Black spouse should hold leadership in any African nation, or Black Liberation organization.  I think that’s practical as a fundamental requirement for Black leadership.  As Dr. Clarke once said “you can’t lead or unify your people if you can’t even find one other Black person to establish lifelong unity with.”  I agree with them, but I don’t think either of them, nor myself would exclude any Black person who wishes to make a positive contribution to the just aspirations of their people. 

You also have to know, your White spouse, no matter how liberal will be torn between her racial, cultural, and ideological ties and foundations, and her individual love and bonds with you, just like you are torn; those tears are an issue, and will either divide your home or divide your connections to the Struggle.  That’s something you should be aware of and deal with.

Also, there’s the just hostility Black women feel and often express at Black men who have chosen a White women over a Black women.  I personally don’t know how yall deal with that.  When I first went to college no Black women would talk to me.  I’d say hello to them and they’d frown at me.  I thought it was because I was from out of town, or just that they didn’t find me attractive, so I went months without any female companionship because I had moved 900 miles from home to go to school. (I was attending a predominantly White school with a small Black student population.)  Well, one day a Sister approached me and started a conversation and told me why the Black female students didn’t talk to me.  She told me that there was a rumor that I only dated White girls.  She said because I was a Vegan, a member of the local food-cooperative, that I was into Animal Rights, weird music, and I didn’t dress like other guys on campus they all assumed that I was one of the many dudes on campus that only dated White women. I also had lock in my hair and ironically that was also a signal that you dated White girls.  Then it occured to me that many White women had approached me from my first day, but I was oblivious to their advances because I was only interested in dating Black women and I was in my “the White man is the Devil” stage of consciousness.  LoL!  It’s all funny when I think back to it, but those hostile looks I got from Black women still give me pause.  I couldn’t take that all my life, I really don’t see how you stand it. 

Finally, many Black formations and organizations are practically or ideologically off-limits to a Black man married to a White woman, you just have to accept that also.  You will have to move and work among more liberal formations of Blacks and multiracial groups to oppose capitalism, imperialism, and omnicide; but the good news is that there are many groups that do that and are more accepting to multiracial couples.  Van Jones would been a good role-model for you, until he sold out and worked for the Obama Administration. 

I don’t even know if I’ve helped you, I have to say, it’s not an area where I’m an expert, it’s also a very sensitive issue, but I hope that every single Black person in the world will fight for Revolution and Empowerment no matter who they are married to.  Even if yall have to create your own coalitions or organizations.  Besides, even if you spouse is White, you children will no be and they will encounter the same Racism as you, so it’s rational for Blacks with White spouses to join the struggle.