Dietary Adaptations & Modern Delusions

Why when you are critiquing the dietary practices of Black people in the USofA, and promoting Veganism among our people these damn bone sucking, gristle chewing, bile sipping, flesh rendering fools, who are trying to defend their mindless consumption of fecal contaminated meat products try to bring in some obscure isolated culture to justify their First World Food Consumption?

What the Fuck is that all about.

I say some shit like: “we need to get off that meat.”

And these people come at me with; “the Masai herdsmen eat meat and they healthy, the Inuit eat blubber and they all good, or the Twa bushmen hunt antelope and they all skinny!”

Dah fuck!?!!?

Besides the fact that the Masai and Twa are essentially nomadic and WALK hundreds upon hundreds of miles to graze those cattle, or sprint for miles to hunt their food; they don’t fucking drive to Walmart, park as close to the fucking door as they can, then walk to the meat isle to buy prepackaged, irradiated meat! So, keep their name out cha mouth.

Also, the Inuit live within the limits of their ecosystems, consuming what the environment provides and giving as much to their ecosystems as they take….until the White men came and fucked shit up for them.

So, unless you are dog sledding through the arctic to kill seals and whales for your meat, then you really can’t expect to have the same health outcome of eating animal flesh as the Inuits!

Yes, humans did evolve to eat meat, long before we invented cars, supermarkets, and industrial food production, so it’s now time to fucking evolve or consciously adjust our habits yet again and stop trying to justify our consumption habits based on pre-historic adaptations that no longer apply, or on isolated cultures that have no relevance to your lifestyle and consumption habits.

The Black community’s number one killer, number two killer, number 3,4,&5 killers are based on our diets!!! Yall stupid excuses and justifications for refusing to evolve your diets will not prevent one cancer, or prevent one fucking foot amputation.

Also, Western meat production and consumption is the greatest threat to these ancient and traditional cultures and societies across the world so if you really gave a fuck about the Masai, Twa, Inuits, etc; you’d move there and adopt their way of life, or you’d fucking stop eating meat (while you struggle against American Imperialism)!