Obama: The World’s Most Militant Black Man.

Obama is the most Militant Black Man on the planet, but he’s not identified as such because he conducts his violence on behalf of the
Western Empires.

If he was 1/1000000th times as Militant in the
cause of Social Justice or Black Liberation he’s be the most hated; by
both the Western Powers and the New Negros who love him the most. IJS,
think about it.

(Not only is Obama the official Commander and Chief of the US military, he
has relentlessly deployed the forces of the US across the globe, not
only did he sustain the wars Bush started, he as opened up new conflicts
including laying the foundation for a new Cold War between the US and Russia.

Plus his Kill List, and increasing the military budget more than Bush.

If you don’t define Obama as a Militant, then who the hell would fit that description?

Oh, and Obama’s violence is in support of an ideological belief system, so, he’s a Militant in every sense of the word.)

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