History is Never Truly in the Past

Imagine if someone had locked up George Washington on trumped up charges before he ascended to the US presidency.
Imagine if Thomas Edison was brutally beaten the first time someone saw him reading and threaten to kill him and his family if he was every caught trying to read again.
Imagine if Henry Ford, right after patenting the Model T Fords, a mob had ran into his home and murdered him right in front of his family and burned a cross on his lawn after the act.
Imagine if Bill Gates had all of his patent and copywrites snatched from him, and he was forced to appeal to a court system that had a century long history of discrimination against his racial and ethnic group.

Imagine if White mothers had to endure more than a century of constant fear and anxiety that their sons, daughters, husbands, or themselves could be raped, mutilated, or murdered without any justice or protection coming from their local or federal government; how would that affect their mothering and teaching methods.

People who criticize or condemn the Black community without any historical context or humane understanding need to be punched in the fucking face…wait, allow me to restate; they should be aggressive challenged. White America experiences one local or regional disaster and millions of dollars in resources along with free and ongoing grief and trauma counseling are made available.

Africans are still suffering from an ongoing traumatic disaster, yet we are forced to pretend like it’s over, and it has no relevance to us. Our ancestors were put in debt to the very people we had just labored for, for free, for over 300 hundred years. After Emancipation, we had over 1trillion dollars worth of land and resource wealth brutally stolen from us by racist government officials and White mobs (there were hundreds of Rosewood, FL and Tulsa, Oklahoma– type massacres and land grabs all over this nation!). After the end of Jim Crow we still suffered from relentless economic and social oppression, exploitation, and discrimination.

To top off all that shit, when we cry out, when we fucking articulate the injustice and provide the peer-reviewed, statistically validated, visually confirmed evidence of our oppression and exploi9tation, the White elite and their pet Negros attack us, tell us we are just “Blaming the White man, and refusing to take personal responsibility.” Now these same muthafuckas never say the White mans is “just blaming the Arab (terrorist), and refusing to take personal responsibility.” They don’t tell their Zionist masters that they are just, “blaming the Nazis/Anti-Semities, and refusing to take personal responsibility.” They never tell the rich White elite that, “they are just blaming the Poor, and need to take personal responsibility.”

They only way to heal from our pain is to articulate it, to express it, to never allow anyone to deny it! Tell our children the history, show them the lynching photos, show them the redlining maps that the banks used to deny Black folks access to funds and resources. Let them know that they have enemies, and they must confront them as a unified body.