I’m confused. Why shouldn’t we be happy that black actors and actresses are finally making it to another genre of film? Generally we are never in horror films but now we are the stars? How is this a trap or a bad thing at all? If anything for the sake of representation it’s great.

First off, Black actors and actresses have always acted in all film genres, at the turn of the century Black filmmakers had revolutionized film making and continue to do so; so we don’t need White folks permission to do any film genre. 

Prior to Integration we had our own studios, Dr. John Henrik Clarke touched on this in the docu; ‘A Great & Mighty Walk.“ Also check out this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Motion_Picture_Company

So the Triller ain’t nuttin new for us; plus being Black in the US is a real life Suspense Thriller and Horror for Black folks.

One more think, look "Night of the Living Dead,” 1968; and try to tell me we never been in horror films.  Come on Anon. 

I think the film is a trap because “No Good Deed” was not written, produced, directed, filmed, distributed, promoted, or watched in a vacuum.  All that happened within the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  Whites have an unbroken history of using film as a weapon against the minds and bodies of Black people. (Google: Birth of A Nation.)

We shoulda learned that having Black faces on the big screen does not automatically into collective progress or even a collective good; have we learned noting from the Black Blaxploitation era.

If you are a Black youth Anon, I hope you keep inquiring and keep learning.  If you are a Black adult, you should already know better.