The Transition is Approaching…Prepare.

As international and even national economies and supply chains break down, and the government destabilizes we need to have self sustained and resilient communities. We need to provide for local self defense, food production, energy generation, and health care. We need to have communities that are adaptable to a chaotic climate. We’ll have to be able to integrate those that failed to prepare into our communities and have work and resources for them. The political/economic/social decline is gradual right now but it will pick up steam and eventually get out of hand.

This is not doom and gloom, it is simply transitional; from international to nation, from individual to collective, from fossil fuel to renewable, from capitalist to socialist. The sooner we began to organize and dismantle this current system the easier and less painful the transition will be, the longer we wait the more painful the transition and the greater risk of massive die-off or extinction for humanity and most wildlife.